Monday, March 19, 2018

. Reverse gear/2008/tv movie

- Prize for best directing of reverse gear of the first Jame- Jam TV Festival - Jan 2012
- Prize for best film and best director in the trap of reverse gear
- Won the best director of the film festival city

. Neighbors:1993/30 parts (tv serial)

. Heroes never die/1995/30 parts (tv serial)

. Tomorrow never die/1997/33 parts (tv serial)
- Won best cinematography at the channel 3 news report
- Bonnie-winning film readers

. Brighter than silence/32 parts/1999
- Best picture winners of the magazine world

- Tenth night/2001/14parts/writer&director
- Television festival winning the fourth
- Winner of best cinematography and best sound and best writing
- Best screenplay and best actors theatre of image magazine world
- Eight canadiate field in the tv festival best screenply and best actor

. Atypical day /2001/(tv movie)
- Manuscript/document/2003
- Won the best director of the cultural heritagy festival

Remember your dreams/2004/(tv movie)

. Marriage Iranian style/2004/(movie)
Release in dubai for 1 month
- Release in America for 1 month
- Release in france in 4 city
- Attendance of the film "marriage Iranian style"as guest in the festival of French comic film in 2007

. Zero degree orbit/2006/tv series/30 parts
- Expensive watch selected television and won the best director of an international network - jame jam to selected audience
- Medias feedbacks regarding the "zero degree orbit" series in global channels CNN BBC - Deutsche wella and International press Wall street journal ,Guardian,Washington post Elpasso ,Christian science monitor from France press
- Acclaimed French comedy film in the festival guests

. Postman doesn’t ring three times/2008 /movie
Nominated for 10 awards from the international film festival
- Fourth festival of cinema critics award best director
- Fajr international film festival 10 award of the candidate

. Tears and smiles/(tv serial)

. Penalty
Winner in best film(critics)

In the production in france

. Unfinished journey/documentary/2011
About nader ebrahimi,he is well-known director
-  Cinema critics association

. The path of zayanderod
Selected by audience from persion bbc & Iranian cinema & soroush weekly magazine